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How to score from every chance

David Clarke

Three ways to finish using dribbling, combination passing and a shot at goal. Great fun, concentrate on direction and technique. Power for younger age groups will come later. All goal scoring greats work on this exercise.

How to set it up

You need to set up a 40 yards by 30 yards playing area and use three cones, three outfield players a goal and goalkeeper.

How to play it

  1. Player 1 dribbles and shoots at goal.

  2. Player 1 now turns and makes a choice of which player to combine with. The player chosen passes to Player 1 then runs inside to receive a return pass and passes out to the opposite wide player.

  3. Player 1 and his chosen team mate now run into the penalty box and attempt to score from the wide player’s cross.

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    I love this preview and i will like to recieve more through my email. I also need your help

    Comment by Akanji Abiola Yusuff

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