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Creating a stylish strike force the Italian way

David Clarke

I started my coaching session this week with an attacking drill inspired by the game between Palermo and Inter Milan last season in Italy. The two main men were Diego Milito and Fabrizio Miccoli – an M&M exhibition.

It creates situations that will keep a frontman’s mind active – switching between measured approach play and first-time shooting.

How to set it up

  • Create an area measuring 30 yards long by 20 yards wide. Use two goals,
    two goalkeepers, a striker, four servers and plenty of balls.

  • Position the four servers, one on each corner of the square,
    numbering them 1 to 4, anti-clockwise from the top left.

  • Place a cone in the centre – this is the starting point.

Getting started

  • Server 1 plays the ball into the centre where the striker
    controls with his first touch then shoots with his second.

  • The striker then turns and moves quickly to a pass from the
    opposite side of the area and repeats the task, as in the top picture.

  • He then returns to the centre for a pass from server 2, but this
    time the striker must dribble and go 1v1 with the goalkeeper. He
    then quickly turns for a pass from server 1, controls and shoots in the opposite goal, as in the middle picture.

  • In the final test the striker must shoot first time from passes by
    servers 3 and 4. No controlling touch is allowed as in the bottom picture.

  • At the end of the sequence, rotate all players.


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