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Discover your club captain with this game


Communication is the buzzword here, and you may well discover your next club captain through this simple game!

For the sweeper, it is a game of nerve and control. Defenders are always listening for instructions from behind.

Meanwhile opposition strikers sense the need to build attacks in space – invariably towards the wings – because they know simple balls through the middle can be cut out by the sweeper.

And encourage imaginative play when 1v1 scenarios do present themselves.

How to set it up:

  • Create a playing area measuring 50×30 yards.

  • Play a five-a-side game.

  • Create a 15-yard zone in front of each goal. This leaves the middle area of 20 yards in length.

  • Place a goal at each end.

  • You will need a good supply of balls.

  • One player on each team is nominated as the defensive "conductor". This player remains in his team’s defensive end zone and must communicate to his three team mates in front of him.

  • Each team aims to score in its opponent’s goal.

Getting started:

  • The game begins with the coach passing to one of the two teams.

  • The conductor provides verbal support and tactical encouragement to his team mates. He should be shouting instructions such as "get tight", "someone support", "cover", "get goal-side" and "show inside".

  • If the attacking team gets past the opponent’s defence, the conductor acts as a sweeper, effectively acting as the last defensive line. He must do his best to prevent a shot at goal.

  • Rotate players so that each man acts as the conductor.

  • At the end of each move – whether it ends in a goal or a defensive clearance – the ball is returned to you and play restarts with the last team out of possession.

  • Each team has 10 attacks. The team with the most goals at the end is the winner.


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