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Create goals from midfield session

davidscwnewIf you want your players to create goalscoring chances, try this exciting and fast-moving game and you’ll soon see the benefits.


This is a session aimed at getting players to create and utilise space in midfield. With quick passing and movement, it will help open up the opposition and make goalscoring chances.


Create a playing area 40×20 yards, with two goals back to back across the middle, but just one goalkeeper. We’re using eight players and a keeper for this session, plus a server who can be the coach. You need bibs, cones, balls and two small goals.


Start by serving a ball into the game. Players can score in either of the two back-to-back goals. If the keeper gains possession or the ball leaves the area, serve a new ball in. The keeper puts any balls he gathers into the net behind him. When a goal is scored, immediately serve another ball into the game.


Creating space in a match situation with fast and accurate passing will open up the room for midfielders to exploit. In this game, a quick switch of play allows players to take advantage of one of the goals being unguarded – they must be aware of the position of the keeper at all times.


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This is a great game. By having two goals (or by using a Coerver goal), players are exposed to different angles for shooting and you get twice as many shots!
I have played this game with a goalkeeper on both sides of the goal and split the group into 3 teams (as I usually have more than 11 players). Typically, I’ll have the team that’s “off” outside the grid, playing as walls with one touch. This keeps them involved and also adds another dimension to the game for the two teams inside the grid. Once a team scores a certain number of goals (usually two), I’ll have the winners stay on and the losers switch with the group on the outside.
Thanks for sharing.

Comment by James Jordan

I will try this drill tomorrow night it looks lively and its what my team requires

Comment by paul roddy

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