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Latest issue: Focus on Pep

Screen shot 2016-08-03 at 11.40.09Spain were outmuscled by an aggressive, speedy Italy at the Euros and as the technical gap between Spain and everyone else has diminished, attributes like speed, acceleration and brute strength have come to the fore.

The counter attack has been one of the game’s central tactics for more than a century. But what has changed is the speed of these lightning raids and the number of players involved.

It isn’t just speedy forwards racing through on goal, but midfielders and even fullbacks in a coordinated jet engined attack.

Use the sessions in this issue to fire up your counter attacks.

Plus how to attack like Diego Simeone’s team, 10 ways to get a sponsor and find out what Thierry Henry learned from having Pep Guardiola as his coach at Barcelona.


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[…] Latest issue: Focus on Pep […]

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