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Great portable goals for coaches

David ClarkeAnyone looking for great mini soccer goals that are easy to put up this is an excellent product. In lots of my sessions I suggest using mini goals and this is one I choose to use

The Samba 12 x 6 match quality football goals are made from high impact upvc and will stand up to the hardest of shots and reacts like ‘in the ground’ posts – its been given a good work out by my teenage sons, and their friends.

samba goal1I have spent hours putting and taking down all sorts of goals in all sizes and this set up is by far the best. With the help of my son we did easily put it up within the 10 minutes it claims to take to put up on the packaging.

I use them with a number of different age groups. For matches with U7s to U10s and for my older groups they are excellent for training purposes – durable, portable, practical and fun, it also makes the pitches we play mini soccer on look very professional . For my coaching sessions they can be set up quickly and my players much prefer these to posts with no crossbar or net at training.  

With all the coaching session I need to have a goal in my garden to test the sessions myself before I use them with my team. So I need a set up which works, and these really work for me as I can take them with me if I need them – I can easily carry them myself and have no problem fitting into my car.

samba goal2They are very sturdy and survived the recent high winds when I had one up in my garden and despite not being pegged to the ground it didnt move an inch. The goal comes with the Samba locking system. As the goal parts are assembled they click and lock into place to ensure that the parts will never come apart during play. To unlock the parts you just press the locking button and pull.

However, I must stress when using any portable goal they must be anchored to the ground for safety reasons – this one has an extended runback and net and ground anchor locations marked on the tubular frame to make life easier.

I would recommend these goals to anyone wanting goals for matches, training or for a high quality, sturdy goal in the garden.

I got great service and quick delivery from The Soccer Store. Check them out.


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