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Score with both feet


The best attackers can shoot with either foot… is this true? Well attackers that can shoot with either foot have more opportunities to score so the individual will be much better placed if they can score with the foot that naturally takes the ball towards goal.

The complete attacker should be able to at least direct the ball on target with both feet even if one has a more powerful shot than the other.

Young players instinctively go for their preferred foot so you need to get them shooting with both of them or they will come to rely on one foot rather than the other.

I often see attackers, even professional attackers, making awkward shapes with their bodies so they can use one foot rather than the one they should use. Once again it’s down to the amount of practice they do and how they practise.

I like this great exercise  to get my players shooting with both feet:

How to set it up

Use an area 40 yards by 30 yards with two goals and two goalkeepers.

How to play it

  1. The shooter makes a long pass to the coach and runs to receive the ball back.
  2. The player now shoots with one foot.
  3. After shooting, the player reacts and runs to receive a second ball from another server and shoots with the other foot.

How to rotate it

After completing the circuit, the player becomes a server for the next shooter.


Right footed Joe Cole scores with his left

If you can get your players used to playing with both feet, even though they cannot get power with both feet, when it comes to reaction shots close to goal they will be able to direct the ball on target with either foot.

How often have you seen your players go into contorted angles to try and wrap one of their feet around the ball only to see it dragged wide with the goal at their mercy?

In these cases a simple deflection can make all the difference. So when you practice this don’t worry if they cannot strike the ball with any pace, if they can use both feet to direct the ball that can be the difference between winning or losing.

Watch this clip of right footed Joe Cole, the Chelsea midfielder, directing a hard cross with his left foot to score against Manchester United for an important 1-0 victory which basically won them the Premier League title.