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Dominate midfield with this session

Use this session to turn your midfielders into a well-oiled attacking machine and teach them the benefits of bringing strikers into the game with some exciting one touch play.

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Why use it

davidscwnew1A session aimed at getting midfielders to play off each other in order to bring attackers into the game and provide support in attack, taking shooting chances when they are created. It also sets up good opportunities to coach counter attacking from midfield.

Set up

Mark out a tight playing area 30×15 yards with two mini goals at both ends of the area. We’re using six players in the session and you will need balls, bibs and cones,plus the four mini goals.

How to play

Play a 2v2 game with a target player at each end of the pitch positioned between the two goals. The midfielders attack the opposition goals but the attack must involve the target player at the attacking end of the pitch.


One of the most attacking football formations uses a three-man midfield behind three attackers. This session shows midfielder show to make the most of the midfield by playing off each other to set up attacks and make use of counter attacks.



Great Pogba goal Juventus v Udinese

Love the technique used to keep the ball down with this long range shot.