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Three ways to score like Sergio Aguero

By David Clarke

David ClarkeRate your players’ shooting prowess with this three-shot test that calls for speed, touch, accuracy and confidence. Can they hit the top corners and score maximum points or will they play safe?

The Sergio Aguero challenge

I’ve named this after the Manchester City striker who shoots from all over the pitch – long range, short range and every angle you can image. He has been successful for club and country, and provided some memorable moments in his career – like his last second goal to win the Premier League title for his team last season.

How to set it up

  • You will need six poles (or cones), a stopwatch and timesheet.
  • Starting on the 18-yard line, place three poles two yards apartlined up with the goalposts. Repeat in line with the other post.
  • Put three balls on the 18-yard line, one in the middle, one tothe left and one to the right.

Getting started

  • Starting in the middle, the player flicks the ball into the air,keeping it up twice. On the third kick, he volleys at goal,trying to achieve the highest score he can.
  • He then runs to the ball on the right, passing it toward thegoal with a good weight so they can weave through the polesto get on the end of his pass.
  • He should shoot across goal with his right foot aiming forthe far corner.
  • The player then runs back to the remaining ball, repeatingthe process on the left side.
  • He should end with a left-footed shot into the
    opposite corner.

How to score

  • Back of the net = one point
  • Side netting inside the goal = two points
  • Top corner = three points

How to advance the session

  • To keep this move fresh, move the poles further away from goal so that players can shoot from greater distances.
  • Later, add a goalkeeper into the equation. Can your players still find the high-scoring areas of the goal?

Perfect technique for shooting

This is Louis’ technique in the U7s aged 6 after a couple of seasons being coached and trained for his first season in competitive soccer. Look at how balanced he is with his arms out for balance, eyes looking at the ball, plant leg next to the ball and knee bent over the ball.

By the time he was in the U10s he was averaging 25 goals a season. His direction and power was outstanding – but that is all down to his technique to shoot the ball.

It also meant he could experiment with different angles of his body and the angle over the ball.

This is the balance you need to get your players to practise and try to do it when they are as young as this. Louis will always have this ability to kick a ball with power and accuracy because he learnt it so young.

Tips to brush up on shooting technique:

Look for the following soccer skills:

Non-kicking foot alongside the ball.

Head down, eyes on the ball when striking.

Body over the ball.

Contact with the middle to top half of the ball.


Players like England’s Wayne Rooney and USA’s Landon Donovan have this balance and technique and use it to perfection. Watch them below.

Watch this compilation of goals by Wayne Rooney to see how he uses his body and arms for balance and the angles for power and lift:

And this one from Landon Donovan, all balance and technique:

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